Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 14 - Friend Fun

Berneen invited us over tonight for a fun friends night.  She made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. Yummmmmmo!!!  
I have been craving hawaiian haystacks for about a month now and was very excited about it :) :)

Tell me that this doesn't look fantastic?!

After the yummmmmo dinner we talked, played games and then had dessert.  

We play rock band. It's been a long time since I played that game.  I have to play it on "easy" & the first time through (well I shouldn't even say through) I had an "EPIC FAILURE!" lol 

Then we play Sing Star.  Which is way fun!  Kinda makes you feel like a rock star! (In case I forget some day or if you haven't ever played it). Two people take turns singing a song while the music video plays in the background and the words to the song scroll across the screen.

It's been very interesting to find out all the words to these songs I've been singing for years.  What's a real eye opener is when you discover the words that you've been singing for YEARS are actually WRONG!    ;) LOL ;)

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