Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19 - Facebook

Today I really should be posting a picture of me on the phone at work.  That's what I felt like I did ALL DAY LONG!  It was shutoffs today and we had a record day.  It was one payment, argument and response, right after another.  I rarely got a breather.  But when they came I was so glad to just be able to stand and walk to the end of the counter for a minute.  I do have to say, that when I got home tonight, I was so glad to be HOME!!  I did have a homework assignment for 3rd grade that I had to finish, but once I did that I tried to unwind and relax.

And what did I do to relax once I was able to?  I opened up Facebook.  It often makes me feel happy.  It's like checking in on a good friend.  It often makes me laugh and helps me unwind and feel very relaxed.  Although it can be a huge time sucker - I am glad it's around.  It's reconnected me with friends, family and introduced me to new friends.  I like it.

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