Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20 - Wax Museum

Today was the Wax Museum for Third Graders at Herriman Elementary School. They have to pick someone they want to learn more about and read a biography on that person. Then they make a tri-fold on that person.  A portrait, a famous quote and a time line of their lives. The day of the Wax Museum, they dress up like their person and stand like a statue. The moms, dads and other students get to walk around and look at them and read about them on their posters.

This year was Hayden's turn. Josh and Zac both did it too.  Hayden chose Joseph Smith. Ü What a sweetie my Hayden is. At first I was surprised that he chose Joseph Smith and a little nervous about having him as his person. Then I thought how neat it was that he would choose Joseph Smith and I LOVE that he chose Joseph Smith for his person to do the wax museum at school!! Jeff and I have said, on more than one occasion, that Hayden is our family's Nephi.  Hayden has such courage and always wants to do what's right.  I think he chose a great person to learn more about and to portrait at his school's wax museum.

Plus, I think he makes a darling Joseph, don't you?


Nichol Family said...

Wow!!! He looks so much like Joseph!!! What a sweet boy!!! I love it :)

Pam said...

What a great Joseph! Such a sweet thing, just like things I read in the Children's Friend. You should think about submitting it.

Kathleen White said...

What a sweet boy - good for him choosing Joseph Smith. My kids always had a list to choose from, and you can guess that Joseph Smith was not an option.