Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 25 - Hey Can I See That Ring?

So I wore this ring to work today and as I was handing this guy his receipt for paying his bill he almost grabbed my hand and said, "Hey can I see that ring?" I was surprised and felt a little awkward but I said, "Sure :D"  He didn't hold my hand but proceeded to get really close to my hand and pour over it.  He said, man, do you know what the weight of this ring is? I was simply thinking literally of how heavy it was (for a few seconds) and then realized he meant the karat weight. LOL - I smiled really big and said, it's just costume jewelry - I have no clue. LOL

He smiled and said, can I ask you where you got it? I told him. It's online at Actually Jeff's mom got it for me for Christmas. I love it!!  It's my bling ring :D

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