Monday, February 28, 2011

February 26 - Snow Day!

This morning, Saturday Morning!, we woke up to SNOW! (Quite a bit of snow, I might add!) Which is not my favorite thing in the world at this time of year. I am ready for Spring!! I was trying my best to find something happy about it. Let's see . . . . . it made everything look clean. It covered up the dead grass. It sort of looked like a white sandy beach. (Okay, that one was too much of a stretch even for me! LOL)

So, when the Peterson's called and asked if we wanted to go sledding, I decided that would do it. That would make this snow day, fun and happy. We, of course, said yes. However, little did I know that wet snow does not make for great sledding. I guess it has to be colder? But, we didn't let that take away the fun. We ended up having a snow ball fight instead, well really, when I looked back through the pictures, it really was the older group snow ball fighting and the younger group still trying to make the best of sledding. The best thing is, we all had fun and we were glad we went.

Can you see it?  If you look really hard you can see that I caught that snowball in mid-air :D

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