Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 30 - Houston Temple

Today we went with Mandy to church.  She has 1:00pm church (just like we do).  I'm not loving that time of church so far.  But, I have to admit, it was nice to have a little extra time to sleep in and get ready while we were visiting with her and on vacation.

After church we were all starving - we put in a chicken pot pie that we got at Costco the day before and while it was cooking we ran over to the Houston Texas Temple to take the picture of the day.

It's a beautiful temple and the grounds (as always with any temple) were beautiful and immaculate.

Thanks so much Nichol's!!  We had a FABULOUS time.  It was so much fun to come for a visit.  You made it so nice, easy, relaxing and FUN!!  Hope to do lots more of these when you are in Nevada.  Love you so much :)

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