Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 29 - Don't Feed the Alligators!!

Today, our wonderful hostess, Mandy suggested we go to the alligator park. She said something like, "Ya, some of the alligator's come out of the water and bask in the sunshine right on the bank of the river!" She said this with great enthusiasm as if it was WONDERFUL information.  I told her, "That actually sounds a little scary to me.  Are you kidding me - you just walk around in big open park - no gates, no fences?"  She explained that the alligators aren't aggressive and so off we went to Brazos Bend State Park Home of the American Alligator :)

It actually turned out really neat!!  It wasn't scary either.  Well . . . . . except for the time when we saw an alligator that was on the bank CLOSEST to us and Jeff tried to push me on top of it to see if it really was alive.

LOL :) Just Kidding :)

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