Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 28 - JP Morgan Chase Tower Observatory

Wow!! was all I could say when I stepped out on the 60th floor of the JP Morgan Chase Tower Observatory.  We were so high up that we could see that the earth is in fact round!!  It was pretty awe striking and felt a little dizzying.  

JPMorgan Chase Tower offers the highest public view of Houston from the Sky Lobby on the 60th floor. This floor serves as an observation floor as well as a transfer point to shuttle tenants to floors 49-59 and 61-75. The Sky Lobby is open to the public.
JPMorgan Chase Tower is also connected to Houston's downtown tunnel system. This system forms a net- work of subterranean, climate-controlled, pedestrian walkways that link twenty-five full city blocks.

The tunnel system was AWESOME.  It was hard to choose between the two of them for the picture of the day, but the observatory won out :D

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