Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 1 - Came in Like a Lamb

Well March truly came in like a lamb. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I woke up to light - light in the morning!?! I haven't seen that for some time. It was bright and sunny outside this morning!! It was just beautiful. I loved it!!  And the day just kept getting better. It was a blue-bird day, not a cloud in the sky, all day long! It was warm too. My car thermometer said it was 53°!! Fifty-three degrees!?!?!?  Can you believe that? It was awesome and much needed. I have spring fever bad!

And to continue the happiness, Jeffrey told me he would make dinner. Homemade chili and cornbread. Yum-O!!  He brought such a smile to my face. 

I love to watch him make/prepare dinner. He is so fast and, being a perfectionist, everything looks so neat and appealing. It makes me smile. Plus he makes everything taste so good. He is a ratatouille! He smells the food as it's cooking and knows just what spice is needed. He doesn't even need a recipe. Just ask the boys who they think is a better cook, Dad or Mom?  They will hesitantly (because they don't want to hurt my feelings) say, Dad, every time! And they're right, he is the better cook - hands down!! I love it when he cooks.

So. . .March came in like a lamb in every aspect of my day :)  Here's hoping it goes out like a lamb too!!

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Kami said...

M almost always cooks on the weekends. I'm a better cook, but lazy on Saturday and Sundays!