Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 28 - Jeffrey!

Today I woke up and didn't want to do anything. Seriously, I just wanted to stay in bed. I wanted to choose to stay in bed and do NOTHING!! It took me a LONG time to even move. Jeffrey kept asking me if I was okay? Did I feel okay? Then the questions turned to, are you ornery? I didn't really feel ornery until he started asking me that! ;)

But then I realized I was kind of ornery because I couldn't do what a wanted to do, I needed to do what I am supposed to do. Taking Zac to school at 7:10a came all too quickly and I was up and moving. I hardly talked to him because by this point I really was feeling ornery.

When I came home the kids were being so loud and crazy and I didn't say anything to them because I was so ornery, but I should have told them to stop. They were at the point where someone was going to get hurt and of course, that's exactly what happened and then I told them to stop. VERY LOUDLY and ended up hurting Josh's feelings something about me always blaming him. Boo :(!!

Well, after work I decided to try to make it a happier night - - - - - since I'd blown the WHOLE morning. So. . . I  talked nicely to Jeffrey and apologized for being so ornery and he helped me be happy, happy, happy. I love it when he does that. He just makes me smile.

Love that smile :D

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