Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12 - Wellsville is Beautiful!!

Did you know that Utah has a city named Wellsville? I didn't know that.  It's beautiful! It's the city just before you come to Logan. We took a ride there today to visit some friends.

What a fun day we had. It started out with an easy Emergency Preparedness Drill. I was so glad that Brianna helped me out. She made it go so much faster and it was fun hanging out with her this morning.

Next, Jeff and I decided to take the Porsche to Wellsville/Logan to visit some friends. The ride was nice. We were a little nervous about it raining, but it didn't rain a drop. It stayed sunny the whole time.

I did it again, I forgot my camera and I forgot to use my cell phone too.  So. . . I searched the internet for some pictures and this one looked like what we saw while we drove there. Well minus the leafs and a lot more snow.  So, I'm borrowing it for my blog today.

Thanks to Jeffrey googling the address and his great driving skills, we found their house very easy. When we got their we got the tour of their house which is beautiful. The kitchen has a bar *sigh* love that!! I love her dining room table too.  It's one of those square ones that fits two chairs on each side (8 people could eat around it!) lovvvvvve it!! They are also working on putting in a "theater room" downstairs which is going to be awesome!!

Then they invited us out for lunch to a little place called Angie's Restaurant in Logan. I had english chips and halibut. Yum-O!! We had such fun visiting with them they made our day a lot of fun!  Then we headed home.

We made it home just before the rain and just before our boys' Pizza Party with the Letham's to get back into the swing of soccer. Then Zac was off to a church dance.

What a fun day, filled with friends, food, porsche rides, sun and good times!

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