Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13 - Family Fun with Gma & Gpa

Tonight we were invited over to Gma & Gpa Quick's house for dinner.  It was really good we had soy sauce chicken and rice with asparagus and salad.  Then Mikelle wanted to play a fun guessing game. As you can see, you stick a person, place or thing on your forehead and ask yes or no questions to try to guess "what you are." It's harder than it sounds. It's fun to play too.

(sorry this picture was on my cell phone. Hey - maybe I need a new cell phone?   hee-hee j/k)
Everybody looks like a dork and you all laugh a lot. It's fun. Thanks Mikelle & Happy Birthday cute girl! Thanks Gma & Gpa for dinner it was great :D

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