Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29 - Power of a Sword and Shield

Those are some serious eyes!!  Wouldn't you say?!!

Tonight was the Blue and Gold Banquet. Hayden has been telling me and reminding me about for two weeks now. He did not want me to forget about it.  He had a mission. During scouts one night he made a sword and shield. He did not get to bring them home. I asked him why. He said because she's going to bring them to us another night. I didn't understand why. I figured they must not have finished them and they were going to do it the next Scouts night.

Well the next Sunday they reminded the kids to remind their parents about the Blue and Gold Banquet. BING!! That was it! Hayden remembered. All the way home he was saying how we had to go to the Blue and Gold Banquet because that's where she was bring his sword and shield. Ahhhhh. . . .BING!. . . got it now. Now I understand why it's so important that we go. He was going to get his sword and shield.  What power they posses.

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