Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15 - Rock Creek Pizza

Decided to try out Rock Creek Pizza tonight. Outside of having to wait FOREVER for a table while all the time people that had paid AFTER us were snagging them up left and right, I thought it was good. It was fun to have an "all you can eat" pizza line up. You just walked through a buffet of pizzas that were quickly changing. I thought it was very good. They even had a salad bar (which wasn't a fabulous one, but it was tasty).

The mom vote was probably an 8 or 9 but the kid vote was probably a 10!  They had a great time eating from the salad bar - gummy bears, animal crackers and fishy crackers. LOL that was their favorite part.

It was fun to try something new. Next up. . . the Bomb Diggity!  We noticed on the way that it's finally open!!  Watch for it. . . . it should be coming to a post here soon.  :D

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