Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16 - Soccer Saturday

Today was full of soccer. Hayden's game was at 9:30a.  Josh's was at 2:00p.  This was their first game of the year. Hayden's team was down two within the first 15 min.  But they came back to win it by one in the end!  He said something like, "mom winning feels good." I would have to agree.

On Friday night, Josh heard that Annika had a game at 2:30p and his was at 2:00p, at the same field. He was excited to see her playing there. Then Saturday morning we found out that her game was really at 2:00p. At the same field. Then we started wondering if they were going to play against each other. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. It just so happened this was the one. Josh's team played against Annie's team. Oh dear, that would make it hard. We were wishing they would tie. But. . . . it wasn't so. Josh's team scored 4 then Annie's team scored 1 and then Josh's team scored one last goal.  They ended up winning.

It was hard for Josh to keep the smile off his face. He didn't want to hurt Annie's feelings though, so he concentrated hard until we walked to the car. He thought it felt good to win. Since last fall all their team seemed to do is lose.  He didn't like losing so much. But winning, that was good.

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