Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be Good ~ Feel Good!

Okay so obviously I didn't take this picture but it's the best one I could find online.

Because, just as I was seriously about to take a picture of him with my cell phone, they announced for everyone to put away their cell phones. To make sure we didn't record him or snap pictures of him. Seriously!  So, I (sadly) refrained. I was such a good girl.

Tonight he came and spoke to our stake youth for a Pre-Youth Conference Meeting.  I went with Zac and really enjoyed it. He has such a way with words. He is funny and inspiring. I loved the message he gave these youth.

He spoke about the theme they have for youth conference which is "Who Am I?"

He talked about their spirit. The spirit within is the real you. He talked about pedigree charts and how long it would be if we could go all the way back to Adam and Eve.  It would be something like 25 feet. But the pedigree chart of your spirit could fit on a business card. It would read. You are a child of God. God then you.

He talked about having good standards and sticking to them. He retold the story in Alma 47 in the scriptures about Amalickiah and Lehonti, King of the Lamanites. How Amalickiah kept asking for Lehonti to come down from the mount and "just talk with him." (He mentioned here that anytime you see someone's name mentioned in the scriptures, it's because they are going to Be an Example or a Warning.  Lehonti started out as an example and then he became a warning).  On the 4th try Amalickiah came almost all the way up to him. Then asked again and told Lehonti to bring his guards. (Here we're saying "Don't do it, don't go! Don't come down from the mountain!  He's a murderer, he's flattering and deceiving!) 

Bishop Bytheway reemphasizes to the youth, don't come down from your mountain. Keep your standards high. Don't come down even just a little. Don't try it just once. If you ever hear someone saying things like "just do it this one time, just try a little bit, just come down a little." Don't do it!!  Scream these words in your head, "Oh my Amalickiah!" Don't come down from your mountain! Keep your standards high and don't give in, even just a little bit.

You are a son/daughter of God. Realize how amazing that is! You are literally a daughter/son of God.

I was very impressed and motivated to be good and feel good.

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