Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ft. Herriman Days

Yesterday at the car show, little did I know there were all these carnival rides too. It was chilly last night and we weren't dressed for it. The boys were begging to do the rides too. I did my best to talk them out of it by promising to go today.

So. . . after making them pull weeds on the side yard, I took them to the second day of Ft. Herriman Days and let them ride on the rides. The kids had a blast. This picture is really the only ride they actually rode. The rest of the things they did were bouncy.  A Bouncy Jousty/Fighting thingy, the Velcro Bounce Wall (super funny), Waves of Fire (Blow up Slide) and The Ultimate Challenge (Blow up Slide and Bounce Climbing thingy).

They were exhausted tonight. They nearly fell asleep watching a show. Love it!!

Fun day :)

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