Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miniature Golfing Fun

Today we went miniature golfing with the Peterson's. I thought it was going to be slow going with 9 of us in the group, but the kids separated out two by two and it went a lot faster.

We had a lot of fun. I learned three things if we ever venture out again. I needed a back pack. I needed water bottles. I needed to have each group score their own game. Every time my kids got their ball in the whole they would yell at me "Mom!  Mom! I got . . . " and then they would proceed to give me their score. It got quite annoying. It interrupted my game quite a bit. I didn't give proper attention to my swings and therefore, I lost.

Yes, I'm blaming the juggling of club, ball, score card, pencil, camera and stopping to score everyone's points on me losing! Just sayin'!

We did have a blast though and I'm glad we went.

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Kami said...

It's ALWAYS the kid's fault (at least that's my theory)!