Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pappa Quick

For Pappa's day today we took dinner to Jeff's dad's. It was nice to celebrate the day together. We always have fun at the Quick's. The boys get to play with Spunky and give her treats. They also seem to always make it out back to check out all the adventures they can come up with.

This time it was raining pretty good while we were there and along with the rain came the cold. It really was cold for June 19 - about 50 degrees. Brrr so the kids stayed inside. It was super fun this year to see Pappa Quick get his present. Jeffrey gave him one of the hammock stands he's been working so hard on, complete with the blue hammock. Have to tell you, the blue hammock was Josh and Hayden's favorite one. They asked me if that's the one that dad was giving to Grandpa. When I said yes, they responded, "but we really, really like the blue one." I convinced them that it'd be okay because when they visit they can still see it :)

Pappa Quick was sure cute about his present.

I think he really liked it :)

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Kami said...

Those hammocks are amazing!