Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scouts Rock at Relay Races!!

Tonight's den meeting was full of fun! We did relay races today. They had a blast. These boys are so loud and crazy and this activity was perfect for that kind of energy. They were a little leery at first they said that relay races are hard. But once they got started I think they really had fun.

We did an obstacle course relay race, kangaroo jump, glove and sucker race and a caterpillar race.  This picture is just that. They had to grab the ankles of the boy in front of them and hold on tight as they crawled across the grass. It was fun to watch, they had to make it past the chair without breaking apart.

The first try didn't work so good. I told them that maybe on this second try they should call out to each other, right, left, right, left and then move your right hand and right foot and then of course the left hand and left foot. It worked like a charm!

I hope they got it - I comment to them how cool it was that when they worked together they accomplished their goal. Working together is great and makes a task a lot easier.

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