Monday, July 18, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

Today was Hayden's first day at Cub Scout Camp. He seemed so excited about it all morning. He was helping me pack him a lunch which he was thrilled with - he never gets home lunch. We drove to the church and I parked. I turned to him and all of a sudden he looks at me with those big brown eyes and they are full of tears.

"Oh no, what's wrong bud?" I asked him. He said, "Mom I'm just so nervous. I'm not going to know anyone there."  I thought that was strange since he's been in scouts now for a year. I said, "What do you mean you know all of them" and I started the list. He said, "Ya, but I won't know the people I know the best." I said, "Who's that?" He said, "You, Dad, Josh and Zac"

Awwww, I had to give him a big ol' hug for that one. I told him he was going to have fun without us. When he comes home he'll feel silly that he was so nervous.

He did have so much fun and the stories went on and on!!

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