Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pink Lemonade Pie!

Tonight we went to Jeff's mom's house for dinner. We had hawaiian haystacks which were so yummy. Today was national ice cream day, so to celebrate, we had Pink Lemonade Pie. Except when each of us took a bite we all kind of looked at each other. It wasn't as sweet as we remembered. One by one we each started making little comments to each other. It's not as sweet as I remember. Ya, it's really puckery. It just tastes different than I remember. Actually it tastes a bit like pink grapefruit. Mom are you sure you put pink lemonade in it or did you grab pink grapefruit? She had to go and check. Sure enough, she grabbed pink grapefruit instead of lemonade. LOL

It was still really good, just different than expected. We liked it!

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