Friday, July 8, 2011

Hayden's B-day

Today we celebrated Hayden's birthday all day long. He was so cute. I bought him this hat to wear while he was eating and to help him feel extra special today being we were camping and all. He wore it mostly all day long. It was super hard to choose just one picture for the day - there were so many great moments.

He patiently waited to open his presents until after lunch and he got a present from each family that was represented there, which made him feel really special. Thanks again family and friends.

Then we went to the Lehman Cave Palace Tour. Which was so neat - see more pictures from that tour here it's AMAZING!! You'll have to plan a trip and go - we might even want to come with you again. Our cute Park Ranger/Tour Guide had the whole group sing to Hayden for his birthday. I got the end of that song recorded and you can watch it here. Our Park Ranger said that was a first for him. WOW!! That made Hayden feel pretty special too.

Then we had cobblers and roasted marshmallows for dessert. How could you top a birthday like that?!!

Hayden, I can hardly believe you are 9 now. You touch our family's hearts in so many ways. Everyone we know comments about how much they love, love, love your smile. We do too. Something I've noticed about you lately is how great of a friend you are. You also have a great imagination. Dad and I have noticed how much you are  like our family "Nephi" and we are so grateful for you. Love you so much!!

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