Saturday, July 9, 2011


Here we all are at Stella Lake. Well. . . . most of us. Looks like we're missing a few. I wasn't quite sure if Hayden or I would make it either. No, not because it was a hard or long hike it was rather easy and short as hikes go. Let's just say Hayden was having a little personal hygiene issue that we had to take care of and I was not too prepared for that on a hike. However, thanks to Gma & Gpa Quick who happened to save the day.

Berneen ended up heading back with Isaac because he was all of a sudden not feeling so well. I was wondering if it was due to the fact that he decided to take a little rest at noon day not too long before and we didn't realize that he had shut up all the windows in the tent. The poor little guy probably burned himself up in there and was dehydrated.

Kendal did make it to the lake, but he must have been searching for treasures . . . not sure . . . . . . missed where he headed.

However, all in all, this lake was beautiful and we are grateful for photography. So we could share this little photo moment. There are two other lakes up here that we didn't get to, this one is the only one that was open this time of year. The rest of them were closed due to the snow. But this one was beautiful and we were glad we got to see it.

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