Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of 4th Grade

Today was Hayden's first day of 4th grade. His teacher this year is Mr. Jordan Oswald. He goes to Herriman Elementary. He's the only one in our family that's in elementary school this year. That is different.

I asked him how his first day went. The big thing he wanted to talk to me about was how different lunch time was. He was so bugged that he had to go to recess BEFORE lunch. He said he had to wait in line forever!!! I told him to give it a try. I told him that I love the idea, it’s going to make him eat more instead of hurrying through his lunch to get outside to play. He said he’d try but it was sooooo hard.

Trying to get him off the lunch subject, I asked him if he had friends in his class from last year and he does. I asked him if he liked his teacher and he said ya he’s good. He thinks it's pretty cool that he “finally has a boy teacher.” He said that his teacher is pretty nice. Mr. Oswald likes to work with wood and he made a stand that has bendy/twisty sticks to put beads on when he does good things.

Hayden’s favorite color this year is sky blue. His favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. His best friends are Alec Godfrey, Skyler Letham and Isaac Peterson.. He is 4’ 2½” tall and he weighs 52 lbs. His favorite hobby is playing video games with his brothers and friends.

I love that Hayden is the youngest in our family. We often call him our little Nephi. He is the first one to do what he's told when he's been in trouble. He's the first one to say sorry. He never lets us forget about family prayer and wants everyone to do what's right. He needs lots of loves. He still wants me to tuck him in bed at night. I've noticed how much he is listening and learning in church too and I love it! I've noticed him feeling the spirit. He has a very loving heart. We love him so much and are grateful he’s part of our family.

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Kami said...

Keep working on that lunch attitude. Hopefully it will catch up with the rest of his sweetness! :)