Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinewood Derby Weigh-In

Tonight for Pack Activity, it was the weigh in of the Pinewood Derby cars. I would love to say that Hayden's been working on the car with his dad all week, but it's really not true. His dad on the other hand, has been working on his car all week long. Hayden did try his hand at spray painting, but it was a little tricky. He did pick out the color - metallic blue - like his scout shirt color. Hayden also helped with the style of the car. He was given a few options and he chose this very slim, sleek look. His design turned out to be very original. He was happy about that. He does want to spice up the paint job though. Maybe add a sticker or two or a fun paint stripe or two he said.

Hayden’s car only weighed in at 4.92 ounces. Just so you know, the car can weigh 5.0 ounces. So I guess you know what we’ll be figuring out by next week.  How to get .08 ounces more on the car. Yep we will. :)

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