Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scouts and Soccer

Tonight my scouts learned about the american flag. They learned how to fold it and respect it. They also learned about our state flag. I learned a few things myself. I don’t know if I don’t remember or if I just never knew, but our state motto is INDUSTRY. I think that is an awesome motto and I’m worried that we’ve forgotten that.

Then the boys were supposed to learn the rules of bowling. We were also supposed to teach them how to play one other game, flag football, soccer or baseball.  Since, I’m the assistant leader I was asked to teach them bowling rules and another game. I know soccer that’s the sport of choice around here. So, that’s we played. It went over great, the boys were very excited and we played with the bears too. I was glad to know one of those sports and be able to sort of know how to coach it too. I think I’ll get the hang of this scout calling after all.

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