Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink & Green Notebooks

Tonight after celebrating a birthday with some friends, Zac informed me that he needed a 5 subject notebook for TOMORROW!!  These are times where I have a really hard time being calm. But somehow I was pretty calm, even though I just got in my pajamas and was all ready for bed. I just got dressed and ran over to Walmart. I looked through that whole store. I found tons of 1 subject notebooks. Then I found a pile of 3 subject note books there were yellow and green. So I grabbed the green one and thought that he could take it tomorrow and explain that his mom couldn’t find a 5 subject but we’d check again. Then I tried one more spot, back in the office supplies area.

Wahaaaa!! There it was!!  A 5 subject note book, just like he needed!!  Only. . . . . . it was PINK. I stood there and laughed right out loud, “It’s pink, oh dear, it’s pink. How funny, now I don’t know what to do.”  There was a guy standing next to me. He was trying not to look at me but I’m sure he was thinking I was a kook!!

Well, I bought it and decided to let Zac decide. The green 3 subject note book or the pink 5 subject one. He said that he’d take the pink one. It would be fine, it would go great with his pink composition notebook that they gave him for science. I laughed and asked him why pink, he was told that’s what they found. I explained that’s all I could find and I was sorry. He was really fine with it. I thought that was really cool of him.

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