Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dress Shoes

I’ve been looking for dress shoes for Josh and Hayden now for about a week - while shopping for school clothes. I have had no luck. Today was my last chance. We’re going to Mandy’s this weekend for the baby blessing and baptism and Hayden just can’t wear his old ones anymore. Last week he wouldn’t wear them at all. He wore Josh’s black crocs to church instead.  That’s something I didn’t want to repeat. Today was my last day before we went to Mandy’s. We were going to leave about 12:00 tomorrow and I was going to work in the morning before we left and I was sending the boys to school and checking them out early.

We hadn’t hit the mall yet so I thought that’s where we’d go. We usually find great dress shoes at Dillard’s or Nordstroms. Only thing is we only had time for one mall. So we hit South Towne. We started at the Macy’s end so we went there. They don’t sell children’s shoes there - LAME. So then we walked all the way to Dillard’s we got upstairs and they had 3 choices. They were all LAME. So we were out of luck. Then we went over to Nordstrom Rack. More of nothing - literally didn’t have a pair of dress shoes in their size.  Then we hit Factory Stores. I’m surprised that store is around at all - there really isn’t anything left out there but a levi store and a kitchen store. Sad. Then we decided to go to Payless Shoe Source. You have to understand that I have had really bad luck at this store. But I thought we’d try. After all it was our last ditch effort or black crocs it would be.  So we ran in. In a matter of 10 minutes we had two new pair of shoes and they were buy one get one half off to boot. Wahlah!! We did it!!

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