Friday, September 2, 2011

Visiting with Isaac & Jacob

We made it to Vegas today. We took the boys out of school early, Josh and Zac on their first week of school, I might add. I felt like it was important for us to do. We were going to be able to be part of Isaac’s baby blessing and we would be able to see Jacob get baptized too. Two birds with one stone so to speak.

With Mandy and Steve living in Vegas now, we figured we could drive. I forgot how long it is to drive. Six hours is pretty long. The boys couldn’t believe we weren’t flying. Wonder what that means? Maybe they’re a little spoiled or something. But it was all well worth it.

It was so fun to see their family. The girls have grown up so much and Jacob seems so mature. The boys loved hanging out with their cousins. Josh loved holding Isaac and cuddling with him all weekend too. There wasn’t many times you didn’t see Josh without Isaac in his arms. There were plenty of people he had to share him with though. It was fun for me too. It was so much fun to rock him to sleep and cuddle with him. He’s such a sweet boy. We are glad he’s here.

Tomorrow will be so special.

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