Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat Fo Free!

So today Michelle Willis called me at work to tell me the Salsa Leedos sign. She said that it said that if your name was Jeff or Cindy come in and eat for free.  I laughed right out loud and asked her if she was serious.  She said really it was true. I texted Jeff and told him we were going to lunch for free today at Salsa Leedo’s. He thought there had to be a catch, I told him that we were going to find out what that catch was.

We walked in and they asked if there were just the two of us. We said yes and you're not going to believe this but I'm Cindy and this is Jeff. He said, "Shut-up No way! Are you kidding me?" Not kidding, it's true.

On the way back to our table he says to another guy there, hey this is Cindy and Jeff. That guy was like, "Get outta here!! That's awesome!!"

So when our waiter came back he had to see our I.D.'s and then told us that they way they did it is anything $9 and under is free. So there's the BIG Catch!!  Jeff's lunch was just under $9 and mine was just under $8 so we got our meals "Fo Free!!"

You don't get to do that every day! There isn't much that you can get for free anymore. I think that is pretty  awesome!!  Thanks Michelle and thanks Salsa Leedos!!  You made our day :D

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Kami said...

I love this story!!! How fun!