Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Soccer in Swing

I had to snag this picture of Hayden sorta taking a nap here at soccer practice. He just wasn't into it today. We had been there about 5 minutes and he told me he had to pee. Oh great! This park doesn't have a restroom. He then proceeded to tell me that he was hungry. Then, with all the pleading this boy could muster, he said, "Mom, I just wanna go home."  So, this mom, with all she could muster, explained to him that he was the one that told me (over and over again, I might add) that yes, he did want to play soccer again this year. That even though he complained he really likes soccer and he assured me that he wanted to do it again. So, even though he didn't feel like it today, I knew deep down he really likes it and knew that he could make it for another half an hour at this practice.

That's all it took. I didn't hear one more plea from him. Somehow, even though he had to go to the bathroom and was starving, he persevered and made it through the rest of his practice. He even got to play soccer with another team there, which he seemed THRILLED about.

Hayden teaches me how to be happy all the time. LO♥E this little guy so much! I'm his biggest fan!!

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