Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Power Outage . . . Fun?

Everyone hates it when the power goes out, right? Not so, my kids thought it was kind of fun. The power went out today around 6:20 pm and everything was quiet and getting a little boring. I went out grocery shopping thinking it would surely be back on when I was done. Texted my boys to see, not on still. So I picked up Chic-Fil-A before heading home.

The kids had been hanging out with friends and when I got home they were all a chatter about how the power was still out and it was getting dark inside. We had to get out candles just to sit down and eat. We got out the flashlights and Jeffrey got out his lantern. The kids were having a great time eating by candlelight and walking around the house with their flashlights. It was super fun having the power out, that is until I told them it was time to get ready for bed.

Then the questions began. How will we wake up in the morning without their alarms? What if the power didn't come back on in the morning? Do you think the power is out at school? We answered all their questions and made them feel secure and safe. I put this low burning candle in Hayden's room on his dresser as a "night light" so he could go to bed without any fears. Josh said he'd just take his flashlight. Zac was fine (of course he was he's so big and tough). So, once again, all was good.

Then, just when they'd all been in bed for about 5 minutes, the power came back on!! Oh the kids were so relieved and very happy. Each of them had to come and tell me that the power came back on. We all cheered a bit and then got them back in bed. Luckily, it was on long enough for them to fall asleep and long enough for us to check our Facebook accounts and our email and slam, about 10:00 pm it was out again. I decided that was it, I was giving in and going to bed too. Just as I finished getting ready, boom, on again. I still left my cell phone alarm on just in case it decided to go back out again and went to bed.

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Kami said...

That was a fun night!