Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Apple Day

Today I was very thankful for Jeffrey as I sat and listened to him talk with his Grandma. That man of mine is continually teaching me how to be thoughtful. Do you know that's a real super power to me. Thoughtfulness - that's Jeff's super power - what's yours?

He helped pick apples at her house today. Then he chatted and chatted and chatted with her and gpa too. JEff remembered to bring them some salsa. Which gma very politely called back to let him know that she LOVED it!!  He is so thoughtful and I'm so thankful for him.

These were the apples they picked. We have one of these at home too. I'm excited for some apple cider and apple sauce. Just not sure if I'm ready for the work yet Ü

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Kami said...

Jealous! About the apples AND the thoughtfulness. I have a thoughtful hubby, too, and am glad for the lessons he teaches me. LMK if you have too many apples....or if you want to trade for grapes! :)