Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Melons

Today we had a special gift brought to the office. Melons!! How nice of Kam. He is our insurance guy and he used to do a lot of embroidery for us too. He is one of those people that the instant he walks in the room you feel happy. I want to have that super power :)

So he brought us watermelons. (which I just found out now that you only spell with one "l."  Really? how embarrassing I thought it was two watermellon - doesn't that look better?). He also brought cantaloupe. (which I also learned how to spell - that it was cantelope - lol). Oh the things you learn at the strangest times.

Anywho, After we gobbled up the cantaloupe someone shared with me how scary it was to be eating cantaloupe right now. I had no idea. There is a listeria outbreak. . . who knew? The thing is they traced it to a farm in Colorado something about the pesticide they were using. So. . . I think we're safe. Because we know these cantaloupes came from Kam's farm (1000 acres btw - WOW!!) Whew!!

Thanks Kam - the melons are delightful.

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