Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Race

Today the boys asked if they could put together the racing track. I thought that would be a great sunday morning activity. So I said yes and helped them get it down. As they began to put it all together they couldn't find the power cord. Suddenly, their excitement turned to frustration and extreme sadness. 

I could remember putting it away with them. I thought for sure it was in there, but I was hungry and breakfast was ready. I made them come up and eat. Oh you should have seen the gloomy guss faces that were sitting at my table, made the whole "eating breakfast together" so joyful!! I said that with as much sarcasm as I could!! 

Well, admittedly I forgot about what we were doing before breakfast as I cleaned it all up. When suddenly, Josh came bounding upstairs and with as much joy as he could muster he declared, we found it! we found it!

It made them so happy. Couldn’t resist taking a picture of them.  So fun. Not sure how many more times I’m going to have like this. I've seen what their future teenage selves may become and I tell you, there isn't room for enjoying a race track there. For now, I'm enjoying the moment.

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