Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Tooth

Josh came into my room today and stood patiently by my bed while Jeff and I were talking. I finally looked at him during a break in the convo and asked, “What’s up Josh?” He proceeded to wiggle his back  tooth with his tongue. I said, “are you ready for dad to see if that tooth is ready to pull out?” He said, “yep” while he twisted side to side and lifted his foot up a couple of times and sorta stomped it on the ground.

He said he could be braver in the bathroom. So Jeff went into the bathroom with him and within a few seconds I heard Josh say, “And it’s out . .  huh.” Jeffrey said yep. And just like that, Josh got a new tooth. There is already a full on tooth in his mouth where that loose tooth use to be. Funny kid.

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jen1313 said...

That is just amazing!