Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Buds

These two have been best buds all day long. Really. . . . . all day! Something that I want to remember from this day is not only did they play together all day long. They played with play doh, they played outside, they drew pictures together, they played video games together, but I want to remember especially the way they also played video games “live.” Imagine playing like you're in the video game. That's what they do. They make up levels and challenges. They advance from level to level. There are “bosses” to fight and overcome. They have weapons that get progressively stronger and more powerful. I love it. It brings a big ol' smile to my face. I miss it already (even though they aren’t done with it yet, they soon will be). For now I am enjoying moments like these that make me smile. Brothers are the Best!

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