Monday, November 28, 2011

Try, Try Again!

This picture is sorta cheating - although it's a new picture, it wasn't taken today. I didn't even take one today. It's pretty obvious that it's from Sunday. But, this is my 365 and I make the rules. Right?!!

I love this picture of Josh because it shows a bit about his personality. In this picture I told him to make a serious face. How cute it was to me that he had a really hard time doing that. You can see the smile all over his face. I can also see how much he's growing up. Ahhhh!! He's almost a teenager!!!  I love Josh so much!! He makes me laugh. He teaches me how to make things fun. He loves, loves, loves to smile and be silly and sometimes I need to do that more often instead of trying hard to make it serious.

This 12 thing is a tough year. Being a deacon is a little scary and Middle School is a bit overwhelming. Something I'm noticing about Josh is that he initially gets overwhelmed but as soon as he talks it through, freaks it out and stomps his feet a little, he does it. He still does it!!  That's not always easy to do. Often when I get that way, I just give up and don't always want to try, try again. But Josh doesn't give up, he just gets it done. That's impressive to me. He teaches me that even if it's tough, try, try again.

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Kami said...

Sounds like he is going to be just fine! :)